Updates – coffee roasting

Roasting coffee on the Bullet R1: As mentioned earlier this site is “learning together”. So it’s work in progress and information gets updated.

Recent updates:

Drum speed on the page Roasting basics.
We have explored further what impact different drum speeds has.

Different ways of roasting on the page Roast Profiles
John-Paul from Canada, his strategy
Bob Werby, an update on his strategy

We miss to hear from some one roasting into Second Crack
– some one who have tried out different strategies and found whats taste the best.

Added to Roasting Basics:
A roaster typical has an optimum load – that gives the best stearing posibility and the least problems.

With a 1 kilo batch in the Bullet the beans reacts slower to changes and you need to use max-power; P9 and have no headspace do more .

With a 300 grams batch it responds too quickly (“fly around”, Albino calls it).

The longtime-Bullet owners who have payed attention to this report around 600-750 gram works the best.