Updates – coffee roasting

Roasting coffee on the Bullet R1: As mentioned earlier this site is “learning together”. So it’s work-in-progress = information gets updated.

Roasting to the start of Second Crack under Profiles

Update on Adjusting profile by control points

About cupping = comparing the taste of different coffees

Two new podcast episodes about coffee roasting, episode 5 and 6. See Coffee Roasting Navigated

Drum speed on the page Roasting basics.
We have explored further what impact different drum speeds has.

Different ways of roasting on the page Roast Profiles
John-Paul from Canada, his strategy
Bob Werby, an update on his strategy

We miss to hear from some one roasting into Second Crack
– some one who have tried out different strategies and found whats taste the best.

Added to Roasting Basics:
A roaster typical has an optimum load – that gives the best stearing posibility and the least problems.

With a 1 kilo batch in the Bullet the beans reacts slower to changes and you need to use max-power; P9 and have no headspace do more .

With a 300 grams batch it responds too quickly (“fly around”, Albino calls it).

The longtime-Bullet owners who have payed attention to this report around 600-750 gram works the best.