This site is for passionate people chasing divined coffee flavors.

To me, coffee is the wildest thing to explore with my taste sense. Not only because there are so many different kinds of coffee, like wine – but also because you affect it so much by what you do.

cupping Therese SH cut

Making exceptionally good coffee is not easy. No one can tell you exactly how to do it. For one because coffees are so different. Secondly it depends on your equipment and water. Not to mention most importantly: it depends on your taste preferences.

So you are better off learning how to try out things … how to evaluate the result and adjust from there … how to navigate. That’s why I call this site Coffee Navigated by taste.


One part is about tasting coffee. It is great fun to use your taste sense. And it is not that hard to get better at tasting.




Another part is about roasting coffee. Here you also find the podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated


And then there is a part about coffee grinding: The taste of fines and Grinder alignment


This site is made by Therese Brøndsted. She holds a Master’s degree in Food Science and Sensory Evaluation. Coffee has been her passion for years. She lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Some of the text here is discussed with other knowledgeable coffee people, especially Steffen Lav, Bob Werby, Mikkel Malling and Andreas.

Many more coffee people are quoted for specific experiences with something. So this site is collecting practical experience from many coffee people.

You can contact Therese Brøndsted. But Brøndsted does not advise on what roaster to buy or technical details about the Bullet roaster. therese (at) – you have to put together the address yourself.

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