Coffee Roasting Navigated podcast

logo-fbA podcast for coffee roasters about the difficulties in roasting coffee – and all the different ways of getting hold of the roast.

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Episode 1: Introduction

Episode 2: Roasting by smell

Episode 3: Drop by color

Episode 4: Drop by temperature

Episode 5: Listen to beans cracking

Episode 6: Four roasters

Episode 7: Sample roasting at bean importer

Episode 8: Roast degree

Short message june 2018

Sip 1: Cooling the beans

Episode 9 Geisha part 1

Episode 10 Geisha part 2

Sip 2: Follow-up on Theo Maitre from episode 6

Episode 11 Geisha, part 3

Episode 12 Geisha part 4

Episode 13 When the taste change

Episode 14 Changing roasting machine

Coffee Roasting Navigated podcast


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