#13 When the taste change

Coffee Roasting Navigated
Coffee Roasting Navigated
#13 When the taste change

When you roast the same bean on a regular basis and do the same roast profile – most of the time the taste turn out approximately the same. But sometimes it doesn’t anymore. That could be the beans getting older or changes in the environment.

This time I visit Cristian Scigliano, barista and roaster at Andersen & Maillard in Copenhagen.

I also hear from roasting consultant Michael de Renouard and roaster Kenneth Kastberg. We first heard from Kenneth in episode 6. This time he tells about how he build in pressure measurement in an old roaster.

I have written a post about the factors in changing weather.

Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net

Cristian at the Loring roaster
Cristian brewing espresso at Andersen & Maillard
Kenneth at the rebuild Toper at his previous job at MokkaHouse
Kenneth's Toper
The rebuild Toper with pressure measuring

See photos of Cristian and Kenneth – and their roasters

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