#7 Sample roasting at bean importer

Kaya Caretta is roaster at the bean importer Nordic Approach in Norway. This is only sample roasting: each batch is 100 grams and the roaster is a small Probat gas-roaster. It’s very different from roasting 120 kilos as Kaya did in her former roaster job.

Daily she roasts more than 40-60 new coffees … apart from their coffees in stock.

I was curious on how she roasts the many different coffees – and what differences she sees in the many origins.

We talk color change, smell, blue smoke, weather change and the mysteries of how coffee beans are different. And of cause I ask: how do you decide when to stop the roast ?

Made by: Therese Brøndsted, CoffeeNavigated.net

NA Oslo Kaya Therese roaster

NA cupping bord m Kaya og mig