Kenyans for a light roast

I have been exploring different roast profiles for Kenya beans.

Here I have used a high heat start and aimed for a really low ROR during First Crack. This is inspired by Michael de Renouards approach (see High heat post) and Tony Jacobsen (listen to podcast episode 4).

Kenya beans are typical large beans with high density. So they can tolerate high heat.

To achieve the shift from high speed in the beginning to low in the end – you have to turn the heat down well in advance of the first crack (FC).

I just roasted two batches of Kenya like this. Both roasts hit first crack around 7 minutes. Both have a Maillard phase around 3.5 minutes (from yellow to FC start).

The first one, 400 grams, has higher speed (e.g. ROR) going into FC.
DT (development time) was 48 sek and it rose 2.7ºC.
Thats an avarage ROR on 3.4 during DT.

Kiambara nr1 25juni

Number 2, 500 grams, has a lower speed/ROR.
DT was 1:49 min and it rose 1.7ºC.
That gives an avg ROR at only 0.7 degrees Celcius per minute.

Kiambara nr2 25juni

I was afraid ROR at 0.7 degrees pr minute was too low. But no, this was the best roast. A really elegant acidity. A nice body. Much more interesting than number 1.

I cupped them after only 2 days after roasting. Thats early in my world. But I had to ship off the 500 grams batch to a friend. So I just wanted to check if it was acceptable. Normally with Kenyans I let them rest a couple of weeks before opening.


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