Taste preferences

When you get advice from other roasters … and in particular if you want to repeat a roast profile from others … its important to know their taste preference.

What roast degree do they prefer ? Clairity or full bodied ? What kind of aromas ? Acidity ? Sweetness ?


We dont like the same things in coffee. But also; we dont notice the same things in the taste ! So much is going on in the taste of coffee – we notice what we focus on.

Some immediately notice bitterness. If the coffee has any bitterness they dont like it. Maybe they like a light roast with clairity and fruit/flowers aromas. And prefer no roasted or burnt flavours at all.

Others only like coffee with solid burnt flavours, but really dont pay attention to bitterness. Thats in the darker roaster end. They find the light roast thin and missing what good coffee should taste like.



This is Henrik and me (Therese). He loves very dark roasted coffee – like they do in Italy.

I find it tastes like a car workshop and awful burnt. I dont like it. But its fun to explore some times.


Normally I roast quite light (in the range of 1 minute from 1st crack start). But I am not at the lightest end of the scale. Coffee roasters like The Coffee Collective here in Denmark and Tim Wendelboe in Norway are a bit lighter than me.


riste-farveskift-ida-kofodPhoto by Ida Kofod from Kontra Coffee.

She took out a sample each minut during a 14 minute roast – to show the color change.





George Stavrinou from the Bullet community (he is a Bullet owner in Australia) asked me; what I was trying to achieve with my roast profiles regarding to taste.

To me the most important is:
1) Balanced taste and avoiding bad taste (bitterness, cardbord, burns and so on)
2) Get big aroma. In light roast I get a certain kind of grand aroma, that I can’t associate with a specific food/flower/whatever. But that is high up and stays as a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth for a long time. This I dont find in darker roasts.

To me a little acidity is okay. But not too much.