Coffee Roasting Championship

In 2017 I made interviews with five roasters at the Danish Coffee Roasting Championship here in Copenhagen (listen to podcast episode 6 and ep 5).

We just had the 2018 competition and I made a follow-up interview with Theo Maitre who won 1’st place in 2017 – and went to the World Championship in China.

How was the world championship in China ?
What have he explored in coffee roasting since last year ?

Listen in the episode Sip 2.

Coffee Roasting Championship is organized by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). You have to be a member to participate.

New podcast episode

Episode 13

In Episode 13 in the podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated we talk about how the taste is affected by weather change.

I visit Cristian Scigliano, barista and roaster at Andersen & Maillard in Copenhagen.

Listen here:

Geisha series – episode 9 to 12

In these podcasts episodes I explore the differences in the very expensive Geisha beans. But we also talk a lot of general things about coffee roasting.

The roastery Coffee Collective here in Copenhagen has a long experience with Geisha Coffees.

Episode 9: Geisha part 1

Episode 10: Geisha, part 2

Episode 11: Geisha, part 3

Episode 12 Geisha part 4


Episode 8 – published in December 2017

Episode 8 in the podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated is about the many differences on very light roasts  and the darker ones roasted to Second Crack.

Listen here:

Boenner uens overflade 12sep2016

James normal dark roast

Episode 7 – published in November 2017

Episode 7 in the podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated is with Kaya Caretta. She is roaster at the bean importer Nordic Approach in Norway. This is only sample roasting: each batch is 100 grams and the roaster is a small Probat gas-roaster. It’s very different from roasting 120 kilos as Kaya did in her former roaster job.

Daily she roasts more than 40-60 new coffees – apart from their coffees in stock.

Listen here:

NA Oslo Kaya Therese roaster

Episode 6 – published in October 2017

Episode 6 in the podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated is with four roasters at the Danish Roasting Championship. Again I ask them about how they decide to stop the roast. But we also talk development times and more.

Listen here:

Winner and participants

Episode 5 – published in September 2017

Episode 5 in the podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated is about listening to the beans cracking and counting seconds.

It is a mix of my own background in coffee roasting and roaster Mikkel Selmer from La Cabra.

Listen here:


Episode 4 – published in June 2017

Do you go for high acidity or more body in your roast ? How do you roast a Kenya for a light espresso ? And how do you present your beloved coffee for the customers who dont know coffee ?

Episode 4 in the podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated is with Tony Jacobsen from Norway. He own a coffee shop and roastery in Trondheim.

As in episode 2 and 3 – I interview him about how he decides to stop the roast. He goes by bean temperature.

Listen to the interview here:

A brittish Youtube-channel made a review of two Geisha coffees from Jacobsen og Svart:

Jacobsen and svart



Roast by color

Coffee roasting is done in different ways. Some stop roast when the beans has reach a certain color.

You can hear about this in my podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated. Episode 3 is about roasting to a certain color. We are at a roasting course with Morten Münchow from CoffeeMind. I have called the episode “Roasting by color”, but Morten focuses on more than the bean color to make a good roast.

Listen at

In Episode 7 roaster Kaya Caretta tell about looking at the color during the roast. Listen at

Fil 12-12-2016 10.14.41Color change during the roast – samples taken out each minute of the roast.

Fil 10-02-2017 09.51.15Roasting class with Morten Münchow (on the right) from CoffeeMind.

Fil 10-02-2017 09.52.47Color and Agtron measurements of different batches.
Here you can see that #6 is darker than #5 – which is reflected in the Agtron values: #6 was 75 and #5 was 84.


A joke about the different roast degrees 😀

With permission from Jon Ferguson from USA. Follow him on Twitter at ADF2050

Episode 8 in the podcast is about the different roast degrees.

Roasting by smell

How do you decide when to stop the roast ? Once, I asked roaster Morten Riiskjær this question. He said by smell. The smell of onion has to be over before stopping.

He has been roasting coffee for 7 years. I visited him in the roastery to try to pick up what he could smell during a roast. He also looks at the bean surface.

Hear Morten talk about it in episode 2 in the podcast Coffee Roasting Navigated

And here a video with an american roaster who also use the smell during First Crack, Eliza from Mill City Roasters:


Morten and his roaster – on the day we recorded for episode 2: