Learning to roast on the Bullet R1

bullet-sort-hvidThe Bullet R1 is a 1 kilo coffee roaster from Aillio. This website has no commercial relations to the company.

I have just collected experiences with roasting on the Bullet because it was new to the market (Therese talking). I got it in preorder together with a bunch of other guys here in Denmark in 2016. There was no one to ask, so we had to explore together.

This roaster has more setting possibilities and more data output than we were used to – and than other roasters in this price range. So there was a lot to explore. As people did experiments, I collected them on this website. And then it grew to roasting in general.



On this site I have gathered the knowledge and experiences in:

1. The basics of roasting and control functions

2. Roast profiles on the Bullet– at the top I suggest a profile to start out

New stuff keeps being added.


Link to the official manual for the Bullet R1 roaster.