Learning to roast on the Bullet R1

bullet-sort-hvidThe Bullet R1 is a 1 kilo coffee roaster from Aillio.

It hit the marked in the summer of 2016. It has several settings: preheat temperature, power, fan and drumspeed.

Thats more adjustment possiblities than other roasters in this price range. So here is a lot to learn.

Here in Denmark we have a community of 30 Bullet owners who explore together – learning how to steer the roasting process on the Bullet.



On this site I have gathered the knowledge and experiences in:

1. The basics of roasting and control functions

2. Roast profiles on the Bullet– at the top I suggested a profil to start out

If you want to contribute from roasting on your Bullet, please write an email to  therese (at) coffeenavigated.net – you have to put the address rightly together yourself.

Link to the official manual for the Bullet R1 roaster.

This site was started in September 2016 and is still under construction.